Nicole, blonde stripper smile

New Pics of our VIP Strippers – It’s May Boston!

Various new pictures of our Boston strippers

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Vanessa, one of our Boston Strippers
Here’s Vanessa, our smokeshow stripper, she’s been dancing almost 5 months I guess? Works well with Mila. She has a sexy, tight, athletic body.

Mila, one of our Boston Strippers
Mila a Boston stripper
Mila, selfie
Mila new selfie
Here’s Mila’s new pics. Our smokeshow brunette stripper who works well with Vanessa. She’s been working with VIP for over a year. Mila and Vanessa have only worked for my agency, never worked even one show for one of the other companies in the area. You will be amazed at the toy shows available from Mila and Vanessa.

Kat, one of our Boston Strippers
Kat our sexy stripper with D cup boobs
Here’s Kat, our newest smoke show. Built like a brick house. Her boobs are the best in Boston. REAL. 18. She works with Nicole.

Nicole, one of our Boston Strippers
Nicole, blonde stripper smile
Nicole, one of our Boston Strippers
Nicole, our blonde bombshell, gorgeous stripper who works with Kat. Model looks, reminds me of a young Christie Brinkley. She is fun. She likes to party, and she’s a fun party stripper.

Taylor one of our Boston Strippers
Taylor, our sexy newly brunette, formerly blonde stripper works well with everyone. To book any of our strippers for your party call 800-446-8847

It’s May, spring is slowly revealing itself. Boston parties are in full effect. I’ve been booking Boston strippers since 1992. This is our 25th year. I’ve seen Boston stripper companies come and go. The ones still booking parties in Boston, I still have the best roster.  Book your Boston bachelor party with a company that doesn’t bait and switch. I just spoke to a customer, who mentioned when he’s booked with other companies, the girls who show up aren’t the girls he booked. That seems to be an accepted practice in this business.

Well, customers don’t have to worry about that with VIP Strippers. I show you my dancers, no other company blogs as much as I do, posting new pictures of the actual strippers. Some competitors sites pictures haven’ been updated in 10 years.

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Nicole and Vanessa Boston Strippers – Call 800-446-8847

Boston strippers Nicole and Vanessa

Boston strippers
Boston strippers
Boston strippers
Boston strippers

Call 800-446-8847 to book the best Boston strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc.  Booking strippers since 1992. First site registered in 1995. The internet archive’s way back machine shows a November 4, 1996 archive of my site

You will see my old phone number, based in Suncook, NH. You see Over (counter image missing) satisfied customers Since 01/15/96. This isn’t some fly by night agency. We are pioneers in Boston strippers.  The site featured 2 strippers, Taylor and Annie. Taylor started her stripping career in 1994. She answered an ad in the Boston Phoenix I posted looking for new talent. I recall driving to the 99 in Salem, NH. She was in the parking lot. A smokeshow 19 year old with D cup boobs, beautiful eyes. I pulled up, didn’t even get out of my car. I looked at her, and said you are hired. I drove off. We are still friends to this day.

The other dancer on the site was Annie. A French-Canadian stripper from Montreal. I met her at Matthews. A great strip club (closed around 2004?) in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.  That strip club had a lineup that rivaled the Florida strip clubs. The best girls from all over New England worked there. A few strippers from Montreal came down and worked there. From that strip club I hired Annie to do parties. Also hired another smoke show Montreal stripper, Tina. She was cool, short blonde hair, real boos, athletic body.  You could tell who was Canadian by the tan lines. The girls from Montreal would keep a t back on, and bra top. to give the tan line.  I lost touch with Annie, she quit around 1997. I stayed friends with Tina and one trip to Montreal with my buddy, she picked us up and took us out in Montreal. She drove us to a night club away from the tourist area of Montreal. I just remember being drunk and led around the night club. I hope she’s doing well, she was a sweet girl.

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2017 Boston Strippers Roster from VIP Entertainment Inc.

VIP Entertainment Inc.’s 2017 Boston Strippers Lineup

It’s 2017, we are entering our 25th year booking strippers in Boston. VIP books sexy real strippers for parties in Boston. We cover all of New England. Don’t be this guy, a customer who regrets booking with another Boston agency.
Boston strippers

Call 800-446-8847 booking the best Boston strippers from VIP. Check out the smoke shows we have working for us this year. Sexy hot girls referring their friends to the agency. Ending up with talent that are friends in real life, giving better shows. We are not pairing up strangers who don’t have a clue how to work a show with the other girl. Our shows are fun, check out this review
Bostons trippers review

Notice, this customer has been booking with us over 8 years. Two brothers who were in college when they first called VIP. That’s why I love doing college parties, sure the tips are not great, but the guys will become lifetime customers of VIP Entertainment Inc. From frat parties, to college reunion parties, to bachelor parties, then some divorce parties lol.  Time for pictures of our current roster. Starting you off with Nicole, gorgeous blonde who modeled. Has been compared to a young Christie Brinkley.
Boston strippers Nicole
Boston strippers Nicole

These 2 pics were taken yesterday. She got extensions, she’s gorgeous. she’s a strippers for VIP Entertainment Inc., and she was one of the dancers mentioned in the review from my customers who have been booking with VIP for 8 years. She’s fun. energetic. Enjoys a drink or two.

Now lets move on to the stripper who referred Nicole, her friend Mila.

Boston strippers Mila
Boston strippers Mila

Mila was the dancer in that review with Nicole, from my 8 year repeat customer. She was referred to VIP from Ava….

Boston strippers Ava
Boston strippers Ava

Keep in mind, these are the actual strippers.  The customer last night who booked with Sh******** and they didn’t show up. Actually thought my girls are too good to be true.
I guess customers are snake bitten in this biz around here. Companies have been booking shows and not showing up, booking shows showing headless images of girls in hotel rooms via text message. Um, you can’t show the girls face in a text message?  I’m lucky this roster, we have a few girls not shy, they show their face online, it’s like 2009 again lol. No drama about being a dancer in 2017.

Back to the roster, Taylor, sexy blonde who can be your nerdy school girl
Boston strippers Taylor
Boston strippers Ava and Taylor

Well that’s the best lineup in New England Call 800-446-8847 to book our Boston strippers

Strippers for your company Christmas party

It’s December, time to think about booking strippers for your annual company Christmas party. VIP Strippers has been booking strippers in the Boston area since 1992. Make your party specials book your strippers from VIP. Call 800-446-8847 . Or fill out this form..

VIP Strippers Boston

VIP Strippers Boston